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The quality of our service offering is one of the main pillars on which the success of Dutron is built. Hence, we take our quality control very seriously. Already at the start of our company we established a quality department whose main role is to set our quality levels and guard these. Over the years, this department grew with the company and its customers and today, our quality department uses the latest tools and techniques to monitor our processes and procedures. In part, these techniques and tools, based on our years of experience, have been developed in-house. And naturally we are ISO certified.



Our quality department therefore guarantees the high standards that our customers ask from us and those that we impose ourselves on our activities. From the consultation in preparing and tuning of a quality inspection plan to the final inspection of assembled products: our quality people ensure that the agreements that we made are complied with. And if unfortunately something still goes wrong, they ensure that this will be corrected as soon as possible and the process is improved. No product leaves our premises before the quality department has given its approval.

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